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Green Community


“On the banks of Emirates Road, across the region and in Dubai’s busiest business hubs, a hidden gem awaits.

This community pub has turned an odd location to its advantage. Foregoing attempts to be noticed above the encroaching chaos of the UAE’s vibrant night-life, it remains a familiar and friendly venue that attracts those looking for a slice of home, and has become one of the most original and endearing pubs in region.


The extensive outside area is complete with pool table, kids area and air conditioned seating during the summer months. Famous for hearty traditional, freshly cooked food, great wine, fantastic hand pulled and craft beers and a real sense of community spirit, there’s something for everyone with free Wi-Fi, themed nights and of course, the famous pub quiz!”





Silicon Oasis and Garhoud


On the 9th March there was an epic storm and huge Puddles formed throughout Dubai. As the puddles started to dry out the toads started to venture out and look for new places they could call home. Travelling down the 311 highway they sported a giant Pineapple with a lake beside it, this was the perfect location for the new Mr Toad's in Silicon Oasis.


Some tadpoles also love to travel. The venture to Silicon Oasis didn’t seem far enough, though.  They followed the Airplanes in the sky and arrived at Garhoud. Sitting on the side of the airport road, the ultimate viewing sport to watch flights from Dubai Airport, there and then Mr Toad's, Garhoud was born the perfect pit stop for all the travelling toads.





Ibn Battuta


….. and so it happened that Mr Toad's and his fellow tadpoles have journeyed in their free time. Around the city, to the beach, to the mountains…. On one of these adventures, they passed by Ibn Battuta Mall and were introduced to the story of the Moroccan Muslim traveller Ibn Battuta. They spent days walking through the courts within the mall, discovering the parts of the world he travelled to. Fascinated with the stories of his travels collected over 30 years of his life, to learn more at their leisure – The Toads family decided to set up a stop at Ibn Battuta.



© 2017 Mr Toad's Pub & Kitchen All Rights Reserved
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© 2017 Mr Toad's Pub & Kitchen All Rights Reserved
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